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Mocking Reality

Evolution of LA’s Asian film festival

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Filmmaker of the Month: Tanuj Chopra


Let me end by throwing this question out: the sexual politics in this film are not particularly glowing - not to anyone’s surprise of course - but I wonder how many of the men, so huffy puffy at Falling From Grace are going to raise any issues with this flick? (Yeah, I just went there).

Let me also add: why does it mean when a writing and directing team of all White men can make a more commercially successful franchise lead by Asian American men than most Asian American filmmakers? I’m not asking this rhetorically - I’m seriously curious how this happens.

Jason Shiga Finds Romance

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This rapper’s Quannum leap

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Dark Matter producer bridges China, US

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This looks so awesome.

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What a disaster.

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Director Wayne Wang enjoys delivering an eclectic body of work - The Canadian Press

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Just goes to show…for all the gains Asian Americans have made in feature filmmaking, our documentary skills kind of rock harder.

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Totally right on. Couldn’t have said it better than Oliver has.

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Totally agree. This was an awesome film–go see it.

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SFIAAFF08 — Michael Hawley’s Preview

'One Way or Another: Asian American Art Now' - Los Angeles Times

There isn’t an Asian American aesthetic in contemporary art. There are lots of Asian American artists, but there is no singular, unitary guiding principle for how the art those artists make ought to look, never mind what its subjects should be.

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